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Advantages and Maintenance Ways of Acrylic Plate Logo


Acrylic board has its own unique advantages, it has bee […]

Acrylic board has its own unique advantages, it has been more and more widely used in all aspects of life, but the Acrylic board itself also has its shortcomings; for example, it is not wear-resistant, easy to scratch, which also makes the maintenance of the Acrylic material customized logo plate become particularly important. So what are the advantages of using acrylic signs? How can it be maintained in daily life? Friends of emotional interest, let's have a look together.
Acrylic custom-made logo boards have the following nine advantages:
1. Visual effects: colorful, gorgeous, strong visual impact;
2. Weather resistance: long-term non-fading, good quality acrylic sheet service life of up to 8-10 years;
3. Durability: It has good protection for built-in light source and prolongs the service life of light source products.
4. Rationality: Rationality design can prevent rain and moisture; if it is designed as an open structure, it will be more convenient for daily maintenance;
5. Impact resistance: It is 200 times as much as glass products, and there is almost no risk of fracture.
6. Transparency: Transparency up to 92%, good and soft light;
7. Flame resistance: non-self-ignition and self-extinguishing;
8. Aesthetics: exquisite craftsmanship, mirror effect, no wrinkles, no seams, all riveting fixtures can not be exposed;
9. Energy-saving aspects: good light transmission, it will correspondingly reduce the light source, save energy and electricity, reduce costs.
Acrylic material logo maintenance methods are as follows:
1. Cleaning
The label made by acrylic is easy to wear and scratch without special treatment or adding hardener. Therefore, for general dust treatment, it can be washed with chicken feather duster or clear water, then wiped with soft cloth; if there is oil stain on the surface, it can be washed with soft detergent and water, and with soft cloth.
2. Waxing
If you want bright products, you can use liquid polishing wax, and then wipe it evenly with soft cloth to achieve bright.
3. Adhesion
If it is damaged carelessly, it can be joined with adhesive glue/adhesive/adhesive or quick-drying agent.
4. Polishing
If scratched or its surface wear is not serious, you can try to use a polishing machine (or car waxing machine) on the cloth wheel, stained with a suitable amount of liquid polishing wax, even polishing can be improved.