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Brief Introduction of Metal Display Frame


Metal display racks are mainly made of various metal ma […]

Metal display racks are mainly made of various metal materials, and electrostatic spraying and paint baking processes are adopted in the later stage.
Metal display shelves are mainly made of various metal materials. Later, electrostatic spraying and painting processes are used to make the display shelves exquisite and durable, so that your products can be better displayed. At the same time, according to the characteristics of your products, the metal display shelves matched with them can be designed and combined with the creative LOGO of customers, so that the products can be visibly displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the pairing. The propaganda function of the product. Product characteristics:
1. Low cost.
2. Exquisite production and novel style can better display your company's products.
3. Good quality, firm and durable.
4. Removable design to minimize the volume of packaging and transportation of metal display shelves.