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Common poster frame


The poster frames we usually see can be divided into wh […]

The poster frames we usually see can be divided into wheeled poster frames, gimmick poster frames, and water-filled poster frames. Now the conventional poster frame is generally made of aluminum alloy according to its size, which can be divided into 60*80 single/double-sided (the back plate is mostly made of PVC), 60*90 single/face (the back plate is mostly KT material), 80 *120 single / face (the back plate is mostly PVC material), there are 40*70 and other unconventional sizes, you can customize according to the size you want, of course, the required construction period is longer. The wheeled poster frame is made of a thin magnetic plate on the surface of the compression plate.
Poster frame
Shopping malls, supermarkets, hotel entrances, poster stands can be seen everywhere, poster stands are an exhibition display device used to convey promotions, advertisements, meetings or other information.
Divided into single-sided poster frame, double-sided poster frame, single-sided poster clip, double-sided poster clip, single-sided poster frame with gimmick, double-sided poster frame with gimmick, all-aluminum poster frame, single-sided open poster Frame, iron frame poster frame, aluminum poster frame, double-sided open poster frame, single-sided fixed poster frame, double-sided fixed poster frame, Thai poster frame, L-shaped poster frame.