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Composition of poster frame


Composition of poster frame Aluminum alloy frame, stain […]

Composition of poster frame
Aluminum alloy frame, stainless steel lotus leaf, aluminum profile square pass, square pass cover, stainless steel hinge, corner code, etc.
Poster frame features
1 Four sides can be opened, easy to change painting, easy to install;
2 The cost of aluminum alloy profiles is very low;
3 Due to the curved design of the outer frame, there is a high artistic effect of advertising;
4 A wide range of applications, such as mall poster information, hospital posters, etc. can be used;
Use of poster stand
All kinds of poster frames, beautiful, unique appearance, smooth lines, suitable for real estate, housing rental, brand promotion, conference decoration, hotel gates, supermarket sales and other places. The style is novel, the personality is promoted, the installation is extremely simple, and the display is free and flexible.