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Display rack installation and maintenance considerations


Display rack installation and maintenance consideration […]

Display rack installation and maintenance considerations

With the continuous improvement of the aluminum profile technology, the sales volume is getting bigger and bigger. Nowadays people are demanding more and higher. The display of display rack profiles brings the peak to the shelf industry. Various kinds of products are produced using titanium aluminum alloy profiles. Shelves, display racks, display cabinets, car racks, exhibition supplies, etc., large-scale first-tier cities, trails and alleys of boutiques display shelves, display racks with high strength, light weight, strong corrosion resistance, fashionable and beautiful Generous, fast assembly, convenient transportation, repeated use of materials, durable and so on.

The shelf factory reminds everyone that the display rack profiles must be properly maintained, installed, and transported during use. The surface must be packaged in plastic paper, protected from rain and other work, and must be handled with care in handling. The appearance of the surface of the boutique shelves caused by the surface friction is beautiful,

The display rack should be separated from the ground by 2-5 cm at the bottom of the installation. To avoid moisture, the entire display rack loses its color and should not be mixed with chemicals and moist materials.

Display shelf maintenance; Regular use of neutral detergent to clean the surface of the boutique display rack profiles, so that display shelves without losing the original color.

The user of the display rack must understand the function, structure and main issues of the display stand, maintain the display stand completely and allow the product to have sufficient display space for effective display and public display stand maintenance managers to regularly clean the display stand and product cleaning replacement, etc. jobs.