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Display rack selection


Display rack selection Under normal circumstances, high […]

Display rack selection
Under normal circumstances, high-tech products such as mobile phones, glass or white is better, and porcelain and other products should choose wooden display racks to highlight the antiques of the products. Floor display racks should also choose wood to highlight the wooden features of the floor.
The color of the display stand is mainly white and transparent. This is the mainstream choice. Of course, the festive display racks are red in color, and the postal New Year's greeting card display rack is mainly red.

Common application
Shopping mall supermarket
There are many types of supermarket shelves in the supermarket, and there are the following types when they are used for classification;
First, the large shopping mall uses supermarket shelves. And for goods suitable for large shopping malls
There are many models subdivided in the rack:
1. Yongguan type shelf 2. Anchen type shelf 3. Large back plate type shelf
4. Shanghai-style shelves 5. Warehouse supermarket shelves 6. Center backboard shelves
7. Large back mesh shelf 8. Washing shelf 9. Electrical shelf 10. Trusted shelf, etc.
The above-mentioned shelves are commonly used shelves are distinguished according to their style and craft. Each has its own advantages and disadvantages.
Second, small and medium-sized supermarket convenience store shelves, this type of shelf main features are small, detailed, flexible and variable, the main weight is several models:
1. Small center backboard shelf 2. Small back net shelf 3. Four-column shelf
4. Small hanging board shelves. 5. Angle steel shelves 6. Multi-variable shelves
7. Shelves, etc.
Third, according to the composition of the supermarket shelves can be divided into:
1. Single-sided back net supermarket shelves
2. Double-sided back net supermarket shelves
3. Single-sided backboard supermarket shelves
4. Double-sided backboard supermarket shelves
Fourth, in 2000, a new shelf model appeared, which was equipped with LED lights on the shelf laminate to achieve the display effect.
The supermarket shelves can be combined with one side and two sides. The level can be adjusted according to the size of the goods. The single-sided shelves can be combined with the corners. The double-sided shelves can be combined with the semi-circles to make the layout of the store more perfect.