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Display stand maintenance


Everyone knows that everything needs maintenance, and t […]

Everyone knows that everything needs maintenance, and the display stand is no exception. We often clean and maintain the display stands to keep them shiny. However, you may not know that some wrong cleaning and maintenance methods, although temporarily making the display stand clean, actually cause potential damage to the display stand, and your display stand will have irreparable problems, but it is counterproductive. . Here are some of the problems that are easy to occur in the maintenance of the display stand and how to avoid it. I hope to help the consumers.

The rag must be clean
When cleaning and maintaining the display stand, be sure to make sure the rag is clean. After cleaning or wiping off the dust, be sure to turn over or replace it with a clean cloth. Don't be lazy and repeatedly use the dirty side, which will only cause the dirt to repeatedly rub on the surface of the commercial furniture, but will damage the bright surface of the display.