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Display type and classification


Double-sided roll-up treasure, desktop roll-up treasure […]

Double-sided roll-up treasure, desktop roll-up treasure, electric roll-up treasure, folding roll-up treasure, telescopic pole roll-up treasure, roller-type roll-up treasure, wide base roll-up treasure, round roll-up treasure, moon-bud type pull treasure.
According to the specific types and attributes of Roll-up products, we scientifically classify display stands into conventional display stands and shaped display stands (unconventional display stands).
Conventional display stand: There are common size conventions in the industry. It is necessary to design and produce the picture according to its specified size. It is convenient to install the combination of the bracket and the picture. The profile used for the bracket is pre-molded, and the aluminum alloy and RP material are commonly used. (It is often said that plastic steel), aluminum alloy material cost is generally twice the RP, if within the scope of the production process, you can adjust the width and support height of the display frame according to customer requirements, because some malls and Supermarkets are not suitable for placing large advertising supplies. Basically, all display stands are composed of two parts: picture display and bracket. For example: X-type display stand, H-type display stand, L-shaped display stand, pull-type display stand.
Shaped display stand: Unconventional, there is no fixed standard size constraint, that is, products that customers often customize according to their own needs.

H-type display stand: We often refer to the "H display stand" or "H stand" as a conventional display stand. The reason why it is defined as the H display stand is that the support picture frame is "H" shaped from the side, which is the most practical. The size is 80cm wide*200cm high; the width is 100cm*the height is 200cm; the width is 120cm*the height is 200cm. This is the size of the H frame after the whole screen is unfolded. The screen making process is photo or silk screen printing. The material is commonly used PP, synthetic paper, photo paper, etc. The picture can be freely contracted into the box of the bracket, and is equipped with a bag, which is convenient to carry. The bracket of the H frame is generally divided into RP (plastic steel) and aluminum alloy. There are various styles and models, and the higher the grade, the higher the grade. The better the material, the higher the price of the H frame.