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Exhibition showcase


Exhibition showcase This kind of display cabinet has th […]

Exhibition showcase
This kind of display cabinet has the most precise requirements for the production and design. It is not only the manufacturer who wants to use the best materials, but also the design requirements. This is of course inseparable from the nature of the exhibition, because it is in the exhibition. One of the most obvious features is the large number of display merchants and a large number of user groups. Therefore, it is necessary to be able to focus on users in thousands of merchants. Some design work must be done, including lighting, vi, and color matching. Etc.; Exhibitors consider that the nature of the exhibition will have certain material and safety requirements for the display cabinets that are stationed in the business, and it is more demanding than the display cabinets that are placed in the shopping malls; the exhibition showcases are mainly used for the Canton Fair, Shanghai Trade Fair, and Exhibition. The exhibits of trade fairs in various regions, such as the pavilion, are ordered by the whole booth.
Store display cabinet
Shopping mall display cabinets, storefront showcases, etc.; this type of display cabinet requirements mainly from the product, the design of the showcase must meet the vi image of the product and brand, and in the matching of color, led lights, etc. in line with the user experience, mainly from the beautiful, Space and display are designed in three aspects; the material in front of the display cabinet is not as diverse as the exhibition display cabinet, mainly the paint showcase, stainless steel display stand, glass showcase, etc. The main process includes woodworking, paint, etc.