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Home display cabinet


Home display cabinet The design of this type of display […]

Home display cabinet
The design of this type of display cabinet is biased towards the processing of the space, mainly from the interior decoration design to the showcase design, and the safety requirements will be higher, the display cabinet production materials are more diversified, and the home display cabinet will be more expensive than the specialty store in design cost. Display cabinets and the like are higher, which is of course related to the user's requirements.
Mobile display case
The mobile phone display stand is widely used in electronic, electrical appliances, craft gifts, crystal products, plastic products, factory product showrooms, foreign trade company sample halls and other products. It can also be used in corporate fairs, and can design multiple styles to make product display more. Highlights. The mobile phone display stand has received much attention and attention from customers.

The main purpose
POP advertising is one of the two pillars of advertising media, and it has a direct impact on product sales. From a functional point of view, the display stand should focus on a series of psychological activities such as attention, interest, desire, and memory before the consumer purchases the product. In addition to the functions of POP advertising in the use of decorative design elements such as color, text and graphics, it must satisfy the functions of displaying goods, conveying information and selling goods; it must have personalized styling and structural design.
Display containers are mainly used for the display of goods. They are commonly used in shopping malls, electronics, electrical appliances, famous cigarettes, famous wines, pharmacies, glasses, craft gifts, crystal products, hotel supplies, stationery, automotive supplies, 4S shop models, plastic products, cosmetics stores. The counters of mobile phones, jewellery, boutiques, etc., have beautiful appearance, noble and elegant, and have good decorative effects. They can display the characteristics of the products in an all-round way, and make the products play the extraordinary charm.
The display container can also be equipped with a light box. Fluorescent lamps and spotlights can be used on both sides. The glass layer in the cabinet can be increased according to the actual needs of the cabinet, and the glass layer can be adjusted freely.