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How to design a cosmetic eye shadow display stand to get more traffic


Eye shadow belongs to cosmetics, and the color is rich […]

Eye shadow belongs to cosmetics, and the color is rich and colorful, which is loved by women who often make up. So how do cosmetic eye shadow display frames be designed to get a lot of traffic?
Eye shadow is characterized by color. As long as it can display its color very clearly and truly, these products are very good to sell. Of course, the display rack that can display the eye shadow so perfectly is probably not a non-acrylic display stand.
It is well known that it is very popular in the cosmetics industry. The main reason is that acrylic is a new type of material and has a great advantage in molding. In terms of color, it is the leader in all kinds of materials. Acrylic is not only transparent, but also various colors. The most important thing is its transparency and toughness. Therefore, Acrylic becomes the material of choice for production.

Figure: This is a classic style. A plurality of storage grids are designed in the display rack to facilitate a wide variety of eye shadows. There are no other LOGOs and introductions about the products on the eye shadow display rack. The color of the eye shadow is very complicated. If you add some text on the transparent display rack, it will make the customers have visual obstacles in the selection.

In addition, the back panel of the display rack does not seem to have any features and points of view. At that time, when the background is dark color, the back panel will be like a mirror, not only allowing customers to experience the product when they choose, but also let the beauty of the lady Stop.