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How to distinguish the quality of acrylic materials


How to distinguish the quality of acrylic materials? Ac […]

How to distinguish the quality of acrylic materials?
Acrylic acid, also known as PMMA or organic glass, is derived from acrylic (acrylic plastic) in English. Its chemical name is polymethyl methacrylate. Good acrylic materials determine the quality of acrylic products. If you choose inferior acrylic extrusion materials to process acrylic products, there will be many inferior products. This is directly related to the choice of acrylic materials. Here are some ways to check the quality of acrylic materials.
Observation: This is based on the material characteristics of acrylic itself to judge a method: when we buy acrylic, we can see that the discoloration of acrylic plate is slight or gloss is not high. If it exists, the quality of acrylic acid is not good. In addition, we can also see whether the specifications of acrylic materials are consistent with the actual situation of acrylic materials. If not, we can also judge the irregularity of acrylic materials.
Combustion method: Small acrylic acid can be used for combustion test. If the acrylic plate burns once, the quality of acrylic is not good.
Transparency method: This method is derived from the characteristics of the transparency of acrylic resin. The white light from the lamp can pass through the acrylic board. If the color difference of yellowing or bluing is found, the quality of acrylic is not good, because the acrylic plate has high transmittance, which is white after transmission and will not absorb the color of light.
Bonding method: also known as hot melting method, it is the use of good acrylic materials and bad acrylic materials for different degrees of adhesion and distinction. For example, inferior acrylic materials stick together after hot melting, which makes it difficult to separate, while high-quality acrylic materials are easy to separate.