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How to manage supermarket shelves?


The main function of supermarket shelves is to help bus […]

The main function of supermarket shelves is to help businesses sell goods faster. If the shelves are covered with dust, who would like to buy the goods on the shelves? So we should manage the shelves well and keep the shelves clean and tidy.
1. The tallyman is responsible for cleaning the goods on supermarket shelves every day while tallying. At the same time, the tallyman can wipe the shelves with a slightly wet towel.
2. For shelf cleaning, we should formulate detailed display principles, clean up according to display principles, follow unified cleaning instructions, and use appropriate cleaners and tools.
3. Clean supermarket shelves not only need to be wiped clean, shelf accessories: laminates, square hooks, end shelves also need to be wiped and tidied. Sometimes the hook is greasy and can be wiped clean with a towel with degreaser. Flies and mosquitoes should also be cleaned up when the shelves are tidied up. Maintain cleanliness both inside and outside the yard at all times to protect against insects and bacteria.
4. When cleaning supermarket shelves, they should be cleaned layer by layer from top to bottom. Then they should be cleaned separately by removing laminates, front fence, side fence, bracket and other accessories, and then the goods can be restored to their original position.
Do a good job of cleaning supermarket shelves, and then put the goods in order, in order to attract more consumers to buy.