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How to Remove the Odor from Supermarket Shelf


After a period of time, because of improper nursing, so […]

After a period of time, because of improper nursing, some shelves will present peculiar odor, especially in supermarkets, especially in supermarkets, which brings bad evaluation to consumers. Basically, consumers are very resistant to this problem, which leads to a great reduction in the number of customers in supermarkets, and how can they do wrong? What happens when the human body is harmed? How to remove the odor of supermarket shelves, let's teach you how to do it.
Soda is sodium bicarbonate. Take 500 grams of baking soda and put it in two wide-mouthed glass bottles. Place it on the shelf, and the odor will be eliminated. Apply orange peel to remove odor, wash and dry some fresh orange peel, and disperse it on the shelf. After 3 days, the odor can be removed, and there will be a delicate fragrance.
Tea is used to remove odor. 50 grams of scented tea is packed in gauze bags and put on shelves to remove odor. Use lemon to remove odor. Cut lemon into small pieces and place them on the shelf to remove odor. Use charcoal to deodorize, crush the appropriate amount of charcoal, put it in a small cloth bag, put it on the shelf, the deodorization effect is very good, after a month, take out charcoal and put it in the sun, and can be used again, the effect is very good, can be used several times, because charcoal is a very good activated carbon.