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How to use the rack propeller to solve the problem of difficulty in tally in the supermarket


The display of goods in supermarkets is very important. […]

The display of goods in supermarkets is very important. Some merchants once said: "Modern business is not just about selling goods, but also selling a warm feeling, a pleasant experience, and a satisfying sense of satisfaction." To some extent, the customer is God. It is also no exaggeration to say that the amount of sales in the store depends on the amount of payment from the customer. Therefore, the display of the goods needs to meet the needs of the customers. What problems exist in the display of goods in the supermarket?

First of all, the replenishment of goods on the shelves is not timely, which has a direct impact on the purchase and purchase of consumers. Secondly, the merchandise display on the shelves is too messy, lacking in neatness and rationality; then the channels on the shelves are too crowded and the goods warehouse Stacking, affecting the customer experience; secondly, the shelf merchandise display is not systematic, messy, lack of relevance, can not effectively highlight the product; and the goods on the shelves are piled up deep in the shelf, resulting in serious loss of goods, reducing customers Trust in product quality; finally, when the customer wants to consult, can't find the clerk, the clerk ran to tally? In addition to the more common six points above, there are other ones that are not listed one by one.

The main reason why the shelf propeller can meet the needs of consumers is that it has the function of automatically propelling the goods forward, which can solve some of the problems mentioned in the display. Increased the cleanliness of the products, improved the quality of the goods, reduced the loss of goods, accelerated the turnover rate of the goods, avoided the shackles that the goods were always pushed to the depths of the shelves and could not be sold, increased the turnover of the goods in the store, It also increases the customer's impression of the store and increases the brand image. The combination of the supermarket and the shelf propeller can increase the efficiency of the staff without adding too many tally specialists, and give the merchant a more efficient and attractive display solution.