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Installation and Use of Ilabo


Installation and use install Ilabo usually has a reel a […]

Installation and use
Ilabo usually has a reel at the bottom, with springs in it. When not in use, the advertisement picture is rolled back into the reel. Pull the cloth out when you need to use it and support it with a stick in the back. When you need to use Ilabo, you can follow the following steps:
A. Turn the foot of "Yilapao" to about 90 degrees and place it downward.
B. Remove the sticky paper on the lead of the "Yi La Bao" drawing axis, align and paste the finished picture, and align the two ends to make it flat.
C. Open the plastic cap at one end of the hanging strip and pull out the middle hard plastic core (with a centimeter wide double-sided glue to stick the hard plastic core on the upper edge of the back of the picture), fold it and put it back into the metal tube, cover the plastic cap.
D. Press one end of the bottom, hold the hanging bar by hand, pull out the circular bolt at the end of the "Yi La Bao" and slowly put the picture into the "Yi La Bao" (Note: first pull the hanging bar and picture, then pull out).
E. When in use, the three-fold metal rod placed in the "Yilapao" is taken out and connected. One end of the metal rod is inserted at the opening of the "Yilapao" triangular plastic. Then the picture is slowly pulled out, and the hook of the hanging picture bar is hooked at the top of the metal connecting rod.
F. If you need to change the picture, pull out the picture, insert the pin into the original fixed hole, fix the picture, and repeat steps A to D. 80 cm x 200 cm Easy Labao screen size: 79 x 200 cm (Note: the top of the screen size left a white edge of 1 cm, the bottom left 2 cm).

A. Take out the Yilapao and take out the main support.
B. Open the two brackets at the bottom of the Ilabo to make it stand upright on the ground.
C. Install the main support rod and the bottom support.
D. Drawing screen to connect with main support rod;
E. Adjust the installation screen to make it smooth and beautiful.