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Island layout of supermarket shelves


Supermarket shelf island layout is arranged in the midd […]

Supermarket shelf island layout is arranged in the middle of the business place into separate island forms, in the middle of the island shelves display convenience store goods. This form is generally used in department stores or specialty stores, mainly displaying smaller goods, sometimes as a supplement to the lattice layout.
Advantages of island layout:
1. Make full use of the business area, and use the characteristics of buildings to arrange more commodity shelves in the case of unimpeded consumers.
2. Island designs with different shapes can decorate and beautify business premises.
3. The changing environment makes consumers more interested in shopping.
4. Satisfying consumers'all-round demand for a brand commodity has strong attraction for brand suppliers.
In order to improve the attraction of supermarket goods, supermarkets usually adjust supermarket shelves from time to time to ensure the freshness of consumers to supermarkets, so we must master several kinds of supermarket shelves layout methods.