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Layout Characteristics of Supermarket Shelf Lattice


There are many kinds of layout forms of supermarket she […]

There are many kinds of layout forms of supermarket shelves. Today we mainly understand the characteristics of the lattice layout of supermarket shelves.
The lattice layout is the traditional store layout form of supermarket shelves. The supermarket stores generally have the lattice layout. The lattice layout is that the commodity display shelves and the customer channel are arranged in rectangular sections, and the width of the main channel and the sub-channel are consistent. All shelves are arranged in parallel or at right angles to each other.
Lattice layout of supermarket shelves can create a serious and efficient atmosphere, aisles designed according to the needs of passenger flow, can make full use of the store space, because of the standardized placement of commodity shelves, customers can easily identify commodity categories and distribution characteristics, easy to choose and buy.
The lattice layout features of supermarket shelves are conducive to the happy cooperation between salesmen and customers, simplify commodity management and security work, and it is easy to use standardized shelves, which can save costs.