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Maintenance of iron display rack


Maintenance of iron display rack The iron display stand […]

Maintenance of iron display rack
The iron display stand has the characteristics of durability and durability. In general, everyday wear can make it more quaint, but this is not to say that the iron display rack is maintenance-free. Due to the particularity of its materials and processes, the iron display rack has a special place for its maintenance and maintenance:
1. Outdoor iron display rack
The outdoor iron display rack requires rust prevention, wear resistance, corrosion resistance and anti-exposure in the selection of materials. Generally speaking, manufacturers have taken into account the characteristics of the outdoor environment during the production process, so users only need to identify well-known manufacturers when purchasing, and don't want to buy some unqualified products. But the following points must be done:
1. Dust removal.
There is a lot of dust in the outdoor, and the time is long. There is a layer of dust on the surface of the display rack. It will affect the effect of the display rack. If it takes a long time, it will cause damage to the protective film on the display rack. Therefore, the outdoor iron display rack should be wiped regularly, generally with a soft cotton cloth.
2. Moisture proof.
In the north, you can rest assured that the iron display rack is rust-proof. In the foggy weather, use a dry cotton cloth to wipe off the water drops on the display rack; on rainy days, the water drops should be dried in time after the rain stops. When selecting the display rack in the south, you must pay attention to the steel type selected.