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Mobile shelves are easy to control, safe and reliable


Mobile shelf Mobile shelves are easy to control, safe a […]

Mobile shelf
Mobile shelves are easy to control, safe and reliable. Each row of shelves has a motor drive that is moved by a roller mounted under the shelf along a track laid on the ground. The outstanding advantage is that the space utilization rate is improved. One set of shelves only needs one channel, and one channel of the fixed type pallet shelf only serves two rows of shelves on both sides of the channel. Therefore, in the same space, the storage capacity of mobile shelves is much higher than that of general fixed shelves.
Open mobile shelf
The open moving shelf has a transmission mechanism disposed in the shelf base, and the operation panel is disposed at the end of the shelf, and has a simple shape and convenient operation. There is a safety split switch at the front and rear of the shelf, and the entire shelf stops immediately when an obstacle is encountered.
Closed mobile shelf
Closed mobile shelves When there is no need to access the goods, after the shelves are moved together, they are all closed and can be locked. A rubber seal is also placed at each shelf interface, also known as a closed shelf.

Rotary shelf
The rotating rack is equipped with an electric drive. The shelf runs along an annular orbit consisting of two straight segments and two curved segments. Operated by a switch or by a small computer. When accessing the goods, the cargo number of the goods is entered by the control panel button, and the cargo is automatically rotated to the picking point at the nearest distance to stop. Picking route is short and picking efficiency.
Application range
It is mainly used in the promotion brands of major supermarkets, stores and large shopping malls. Now many supermarket chains and storefronts are gradually being used.