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Principles and Notices for Supermarket End-shelf Display


End shelf refers to the shelves at both ends of superma […]

End shelf refers to the shelves at both ends of supermarket shelves, a special display, mainly used to display supermarket promotional products, can play a centralized display, attract customers.
The products suitable for supermarket end shelf display include the introduction and promotion of new products, high-profit goods, goods on sale at reduced prices, sensitive goods, unsalable goods and high turnover goods.
The end shelf plan should consider the choice of goods comprehensively and comprehensively. Express goods are the preferred goods. The plan is put forward by the department head and approved by the floor manager. The exhibition plan should be renovated and changed, with a sense of freshness, and made every two weeks when the express message changes.
Supermarket end-shelf display standards should choose appropriate display props and modes. In principle, there are no more than two kinds of display commodities. The display size and length are: the width between two rows of shelves (width = width of stack board, height < 1.6M), the correct and obvious price tags should be used to coordinate the promotional activities and make advertising promotional marks.
In order to accurately understand the display position of goods and the computer input during inventory, the terminal shelves in supermarket shelves are managed by 6-bit code. Below is the introduction of the principles of supermarket end shelf display.
1. Supermarket end shelves are important promotional areas. They should not be out of stock or empty. They should be arranged at any time to maintain their beauty. And the end shelf goods should be replaced regularly to keep the freshness of customers.
2. The normal height of the end frame is 2-3M (depending on the height of the floor). The display area is below 2M, and the display area is above 2M. Only the layout area is drawn. The end rack below 1.6M high can be displayed normally or in sample.
3. The goods on an end shelf must be a commodity group. It is advisable to display two kinds of goods together if they are of the same brand, package, price, taste or function. Make vertical display as far as possible. If the height of the two commodities varies greatly, they can be displayed horizontally from small to large.
4. When shoes are displayed on the end rack, they can be fully displayed in open boxes or 1-2M samples, and stored below 1M and above 2M (including shoe boxes). The display level should be adjusted according to the height of the goods. In principle, the gap between the goods and the supporting plate is 3-6 cm.
Supermarket shelves to avoid operational difficulties, too small (such as chewing gum) or too large (such as large telephones) of goods, soft packaging and can not stand or package gifts difficult to display goods, try not to do end-shelf display, folding cage is better.