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PVC Supermarket Shelf Price Bar


Price Bar Price bars can display the prices and types o […]

Price Bar
Price bars can display the prices and types of products displayed in supermarkets and warehouses very well. Our company specializes in producing double-card price bars, double-card tape price bars, back-card price bars, front-column back-card price bars, single-card price bars, new back-card price bars, grid card price bars, toothpiece card price bars, ordinary price bars. Paste type price bar, corner type price bar, right angle type price bar, inclined side type price bar, arc type price bar, embedded type price bar, arc type price bar, three-grade shelf price bar, two-grade shelf price bar, fish mouth glass price bar, middle fish mouth glass card price bar, bevel glass price bar There are thousands of products such as glazed price tag, hooked price tag, hanging price tag, hanging tag and so on. Our company now designs and studies the PC, PMMA, ABS, PETG extrusion display strip for the unique display of cosmetics cabinet, which is more practical.
The company customizes single-column supermarket price tag, single-layer fruit supermarket price PVC tag, price reversal PP card, PVC extrusion profile, plastic strip, ABS plastic profile, PVC plastic sheet and other products professional production and processing company, specializing in the production of supermarket shelves, warehouse shelves supporting price tag, price bar and plastic profile LED lights in various industries. Decorative PC PMMA astigmatism ground lampshade.