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Rapid prototyping display stand


The volume of the exhibition stand has a great influenc […]

The volume of the exhibition stand has a great influence on the standard of a commercial space. Although the functions of the exhibition stand are the same, the volume of the exhibition stand will still make the exhibition stand inharmonious in this space. If more exhibition stands are placed in a space, the density of the space will be more and more compact, and the space gap will be smaller, so how to select a relatively small number If the exhibition stands are in the same space, the space will be more reasonable and open.

Finally, we know that in the same case of exhibition design, we need to understand the space degree of exhibition and integrate the space density of a commercial space, so how can we reasonably discharge exhibition equipment in a space?
When placing the exhibition stand, first observe the design of the space to place it reasonably, and then try to put out a plan with artistic smell when placing the exhibition stand, so that the design of the space and the reasonable placement of the exhibition stand can quickly achieve the effect of exhibition and publicity in our fantasy.
Product use: food, clothing, sporting goods, it products, daily necessities, automotive supplies, music, books and other industries.
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