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Seismic design safety of shelves


The safety of shelf seismic design is very important. I […]

The safety of shelf seismic design is very important. It can give you a sense of security and more reassurance.
1. The color of the shelf is usually soft and comfortable, which can make consumers more patient in choosing and purchasing goods.
2. These shelves are not only very simple to install, but also very flexible to adjust the distance between shelves; moreover, shelves are treated with anti-rust, so they are very durable and not easy to rust.
3. In terms of compression capacity, it is very strong, so there is no need to worry about the situation of shelf collapse due to the excessive display of goods.
In the design of shelves, in addition to the usual use of safety assurance, special circumstances also need to meet certain seismic requirements, mainly in the following aspects:
1. Force analysis of shelves: The design of shelves uses finite element analysis software to simulate the actual load-bearing situation of shelves in computer, so as to determine the safety of shelves.
2. Cold-bending forming: Because the forming of shelf components is basically carried out by cold-bending rolling technology, stress concentration will occur in the manufacturing work, which will affect the stress situation of the shelf components. Therefore, good forming technology can prevent stress concentration and improve the bearing capacity.

3. The handling method of the bottom of the shelf: The connection between the shelf and the ground in the stereoscopic warehouse adopts the way of embedded parts. That is to say, when making the bottom foot, the parts connected with the bottom foot of the rack are welded together with the reinforcing cage of the foundation beforehand, so that the whole ground forms a rigid body with the rack and the building steel structure, which greatly improves its seismic capacity.
Seismic design of shelves is often overlooked, in fact, this is also the performance of shelf stability.