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Signage according to the purpose of use


Different time: A. Lighting: For day and night use, ins […]

Different time:
A. Lighting: For day and night use, install a luminous tube inside the signage or install a spectrometer inside and install an illumination lamp on the outside of the signage.
B. No lighting: There is no separate purpose for day and night use, no lighting facilities.
Different locations:
A, indoor: set indoors, such as direction arrows, indoor reception, etc.
B. Outdoor: It is located in all non-indoor spaces.
Different purposes:
A. Business: Generally refers to the establishment of a business purpose.
B. Public: Located in a public place, to announce a message to the public or to publish certain information.
In terms of traffic signs: the number of cars in the city has increased by several hundred per day, and the road resources are getting less and less. For the reasonable layout of traffic signs, increasing traffic monitoring, one-way streets and time-limited lines, etc., signboards are needed to remind people. note. There is absolutely no shortage of signs in the connection and conversion between various transportation facilities. Location setting rule area identification setting rule tourism identification setting rule color design rule modeling design rule service organization selection principle identification system design and perfect cycle identification system supervision mechanism comprehensive consideration, analysis environment, understanding regional culture, local people's feelings, architectural style, urban personnel Comprehensive analysis of the situation, road conditions, citizen quality, regional conditions, number of tourists, etc., determine the overall planning of the city identification system, and then regional subdivision, special emphasis on the layout: reasonable: even distribution, clear primary and secondary Smooth: succinct and clear, step by step, smooth and comprehensive: everything goes well and everything is done with a strict and standardized city identification system to assist city operators to manage the rapidly changing modern city.