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Supermarket shelf design and specification identification


Supermarket shelf design: At present, the domestic mark […]

Supermarket shelf design: At present, the domestic market design standards are particularly chaotic, many manufacturers of light shelves of C-shaped steel butterfly hole shelves have become a large medium shelf or even heavy shelf, completely ignoring the safety factor. Of course, there are also some big factories and big brands, which use the design standards of traditional heavy or even super heavy shelves to heavy shelves and medium shelves. A typical example is the medium shelves of Heigris, which use U-shaped steel columns and eagle beak cards to increase the safety sales. In other words, U-section steel and C-section steel, with the same thickness and height, use about 1.3 to 1.5 times as much steel as C-section steel column, and the structural safety is more than twice as much. In addition to the pillars, on the cross brace brace, the medium-sized shelf of Heigris also uses 10 thick and thin reinforced stainless steel screw fixtures as on the super heavy shelf, instead of the welding method used by most manufacturers, which is more than three or four times stronger. The welding of the cross brace of individual manufacturers is one side by one, and two small solder pastes are used. If you do something, you can break it off with your hands.
Supermarket shelf specifications: mainly depends on the material thickness of various components (pure steel before painting, many manufacturers use the thickness of paint to fool people), good quality pillars generally 0.4 light shelves, 0.6 medium shelves, which in theory should be 0.6 light shelves, medium shelves are 0.8. The thickness of other parts should also be noted. Of course, the pillar is the key part of the shelf load-bearing. The thickness should be considered together with the design structure. The U-shaped steel structure is good, and the specification of 0.8mm thickness is generally higher than the actual load of C-shaped steel 1.0 or even 1.2. Of course, the weight is heavier. So many shelf manufacturers use C-shaped steel pillars, which can save a moment and be processed well. It is also thicker, with more than a third of the cost remaining. In addition, the thickness after spraying should also be noted, the thickness of 0.8 mm thick plate after spraying is about 1.2, the thickness of many manufacturers after spraying is confusing, after spraying is 0.8 mm, in fact, 0.5 is good, and certainly not good spraying paint.