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The essential characteristic of display shelf is to achieve visual impact


The effect of the display shelf is to display the role […]

The effect of the display shelf is to display the role of publicity, publicity must have the characteristics of visual impact, so that the designed display shelf can better attract customers'eyes, better arouse customers' curiosity, display shelf visual impact design, that is, to seize the first impression of customers, rely on the first impression. How to design the image to transmit the information quickly and have the effect of visual impact? The following edition to express their views, welcome peer discussion and correction.

First, the design graphics of the display shelf should have a sense of hierarchy, which can highlight the designer's design ideas and themes. This design is the most effective way of expression.
Second, the design of display rack ingeniously uses color elements to pull or impact customers'vision, so that customers will browse commodities with the designer's thinking, and further deepen customers' understanding and impression of enterprise brand and commodities.
3. Designers should learn to grasp the breakthrough point of display. Generally, the breakthrough point of designer's design is to use the color of light to set off. Lighting is one of the most effective ways to grasp the customer's vision.
Fourth, the lighting design of the display frame should not remain unchanged. This effect is too single. The lighting design should have different levels of light and shade, and use the level sense of light to foil the theme of the display.
Fifth, the design of the display rack specifications is based on the size of the goods, which can also play a role of visual balance in terms of specifications.
Display rack design is a great knowledge, but also a very flexible design, different businesses, different designers, the effect is certainly different, no matter what kind of shape design you are, we feel that visual impact is indispensable.