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The Importance of Supermarket Shelf


Supermarket shelves are indispensable equipment in stor […]

Supermarket shelves are indispensable equipment in stores and shopping malls, and play an important role. So how important are supermarket shelves?
The interval between supermarket shelves should ensure the smooth flow of passengers. It is not a problem for small stores to set shelves against the wall. Large food stores, Department stores, clothing stores, etc. should calculate the reasonable interval according to the volume of people flow and operation types of stores. Generally speaking, the main passage should be 1.6-4.5 meters. Between them, the secondary channel should not be less than 1.2-2 meters.
Due to the different characteristics of the shape, volume and value of various types of commodities, it is bound to put forward different requirements for supermarket shelves and other exhibition appliances in order to achieve the desired display effect. The design of supermarket shelves based on various types of commodities is an effort direction of the current closure hall design.
The particularity of commodities mainly shows whether they can be stacked, suspended, erected, horizontal and bulk. Some commodities are sensitive to temperature and light, need to use glass refrigeration shelves, some valuable commodities have special requirements for shelf safety measures, and some commodities that can be directly contacted by customers should be put forward for customers in design. Provide enough convenience. Drawer shelves in traditional Chinese medicine stores, Bogu shelves in cultural relics stores, platform shelves in bookstores, box shelves in fruit stores and boom shelves in clothing stores are all designed according to the characteristics of their respective operation types.
Supermarket shelves should be designed to ensure that goods are displayed on shelves with appropriate area and space, so that goods can be effectively arranged in order of degree to show the different types, vertical arrangement to show the different specifications and levels of the same kind. Proper space not only provides the vertical arrangement of goods, but also facilitates the shelving, delivery and cleaning of salesmen.
In the same store, the shape of supermarket shelves should be basically unified in order to form a uniform and orderly environment and provide a good atmosphere for shopping. Divergence in size, data, style and features (mainly on top, foot, corner and surface) and color make supermarket shelves uniform.
So supermarket shelves are very important for any place that can be used. I hope you can attach importance to the role of shelves, and choose the supermarket shelves suitable for your shop.