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What are the materials of supermarket shelves?


Shelf is a general term, according to different classif […]

Shelf is a general term, according to different classifications can be divided into many kinds of shelves, the following small series according to the material for you to introduce the classification of shelves.
1. Steel shelves: This is a very large variety in the market at present. From warehousing to supermarkets, steel shelves sell a lot. The reason should be the low price of raw materials, excellent mechanical properties and good processing performance (such as weldability).
2. Wooden shelves are mostly used for household storage or display in supermarkets.
3. Aluminum shelves: Because of their portability and aesthetics, they are mostly used in supermarkets with limited carrying capacity.
4. Alloy shelf: It is an improved version of aluminum shelf, which improves the carrying capacity, but also increases the cost.
5. Paper shelves: Usually disposable products, used in supermarkets more;
6. Plastic shelves: Usually smaller, used for display or storage of some commonly used small commodities.
The advantages and disadvantages of each material shelf are different, and the use is different. So when choosing shelf, we must choose a suitable shelf according to the actual situation.