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What is the material of abrasive acrylic board?


Speaking of frosted acrylic, let's first understand wha […]

Speaking of frosted acrylic, let's first understand what acrylic is? Acrylic is actually a chemical substance, commonly known as plexiglass, which is harder and less fragile than the glass we see or use in our daily life. Acrylic panels are used in automobiles, buses and windows of some high-rise buildings. The abrasive acrylic is a kind of acrylic which feels a little small and has friction. Compared with the acrylic light panel, it can block people's sight. Today we are going to learn about the material of frosted acrylic and the difference between frosted acrylic panel and acrylic panel.
What is Acrylic Plate
Acrylic board is a kind of chemical material and a kind of special treated organic glass. Acrylic raw materials generally appear in the form of granules, plates, pipes, etc. The color is pure and rich. It is widely used in lamp boxes.
"Acrylic" is a transliterated word, and the English word is ACRYLIC. It is a chemical material. Chemical name "PMMA" belongs to propylene alcohols, commonly known as "specially treated organic glass". The raw materials of acrylic in the application industry generally appear in the form of granules, sheets, pipes, etc. Acrylic, also known as specially treated plexiglass, is a replacement product of plexiglass. The lamp box made of acrylic has the characteristics of good light transmission, pure color, rich color, beautiful and smooth, taking into account both day and night effects, long service life and no influence on use. In addition, acrylic plate can be perfectly combined with aluminium-plastic plate profiles and advanced screen printing to meet the needs of merchants. Demand, Acrylic Suction Plastics is an outdoor advertising form to improve the business level and unify the better image of the enterprise.