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What kinds of paper promotion shelves are there


Now paper promotion shelves have been applied in variou […]

Now paper promotion shelves have been applied in various shopping malls, playing a very important role in the sales of shopping malls products. In fact, there are many kinds of paper promotion shelves. Different types of paper promotion shelves can be applied in different occasions. Today, I will give you a detailed introduction of the types of paper promotion shelves.
1. Paper promotion shelves for novelty commodities. This kind of paper promotional shelves mainly display some novelty commodities, then their characteristics are the specificity of the structure, they can attract a lot of consumers to pay attention to, consumers not only to appreciate the paper promotional shelves, but also to buy these novelty commodities.

2. Special area paper promotion shelf. They are mainly placed in a certain area of the mall to display different types of goods. These areas are usually the places where consumers focus on. They can also attract consumers'attention, such as paper promotion shelves specially placed in the cash register or paper promotion shelves specially placed in the snack area.
_3. Conventional paper promotion rack. These paper promotional shelves are usually fixed, but their goods are often replaced. When consumers are familiar with a kind of goods and begin to have visual fatigue, they need to replace the goods again, so as to arouse their interest again.
_It is obvious that there are many kinds of paper promotional shelves. When people choose and purchase, they can make reasonable choices according to their actual needs and combined with the use of paper promotional shelves. The existence of paper promotional shelves can make every main commodity sold to the greatest extent. It can not only meet the needs of consumers, but also make more and more profits for businesses.