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What should be considered when selecting the display stand of mother and baby shop


In recent years, the mother and baby shop is a hot indu […]

In recent years, the mother and baby shop is a hot industry, a kind of terminal market that specializes in selling mother and baby products. It is understood that most of the mother and baby shops are decorated with high-grade and beautiful display, leaving customers with the impression of beauty, tidiness, tidiness, hygiene, environmental protection and high quality. It plays a very important role in promoting the value of products for mother and baby products. For example: the difference between the same can of milk powder in the specialty store and the convenience store; the difference between the same clothes in the brand store and the stall.
The key question is: how can we be more high-end? How to improve the image of mother and baby store? The display of infant clothing is the embodiment of store quality?

The display of goods directly affects the business of the shop. What should be paid attention to in the design of infant products for mother and infant stores and what should be considered in the selection of display shelves?

1. Bright color
The bright colors come from the product packaging and the inherent characteristics of the maternal and infant industry, which implies colorful meanings. At the same time, we should consider that each color corresponds to the corresponding psychological feelings, such as cold blue and purple can give people a calm and elegant feeling; warm red, orange and yellow can give people warmth.
2. Promotion selling points
In the past, the safety incidents of all kinds of maternal and infant products shocked the society. The safety assurance of maternal and infant products has become the primary consideration whether they can be accepted by customers. No one wants "fake milk powder" and diapers with allergic skin to get wet, which happens to their babies. Therefore, building and publicizing health, environmental protection and quality appraisal are the primary selling points.

3. Display frame plate
Product standards, quality assurance, these are all things that every manufacturer knows and works hard to do. However, the environmental protection of display panel is often ignored. Chuangqi hollow board display stand adheres to the use of environmental protection raw materials. The products meet the international environmental protection requirements, such as RoHS, each and other directives, and pass the SGS environmental protection certification. In just a few years, in the foreign promotion exhibition field, the hollow board display shelf is almost equal to the paper shelf. It can be seen that using PP hollow board to make display frame is more environment-friendly and healthy, without any pollution to commodities. This is also the first choice of the mother and child display rack for advertising and promotion.