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Which mode of transportation is better for Acrylic display shelves?


Acrylic exhibition racks have many advantages that can […]

Acrylic exhibition racks have many advantages that can not be replaced by wood and metal exhibition racks, such as light weight, various surface processing methods, good color rendering and so on.
Many customers are interested in using Acrylic to customize display shelves for their products, but they often neglect the delivery elements. Compared with other materials, acrylic is more than
More vulnerable, especially in China where land transportation is the main mode, the bumps in transportation and violent disassembly during handling may cause damage to display shelves.
Exporting to foreign countries is naturally sea transportation. Although shipping is slow, it is more stable than truck transportation. Acrylic is not afraid of the humid air, but can not stand it.
Collision. Although we have taken into account the various situations that may be faced in the course of delivery when packing, there will still be some damage if we keep the density close. So do it often.
The law is to express several sets of display shelves to customers every time the goods are shipped, so as to compensate for the loss on the way. Never compensate the customers when they receive complaints about the goods.
。 In China, truck transportation is common. After the Acrylic display rack is manufactured, we will contact the shipping company to deliver the goods to the customer's designated location.
When faced with some exhibition shelves which are easy to be damaged in transportation, we will put forward our own delivery plan to our customers. Once, we made a U-shaped pillow.
The exhibition shelf is similar to the hollow cylindrical design, which is very vulnerable to damage. So we advocate that customers send part of the U-pillow to our company by mail.
They put U-pillows as fillers in shelves to cushion pressure. Finally, the exhibition shelves arrived at their destination safely. So the acrylic display rack is transported
Selection method is not only important, it is important to select the right line and do a good job of compression packaging.