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X display rack classification


1. According to the price range, it can be divided into […]

1. According to the price range, it can be divided into economic X display rack and enhanced X display rack.

Economical X display rack, the screen is screen printing, the whole component, no assembly, adjustable angle bracket, flexible and changeable. Small size and diverse styles.

Strengthen the X display rack, the picture uses photo inkjet paper surface to cover the matt or high-gloss film layer, no complicated assembly process, and the picture and the hanging point of the display rack can be stuck.

2, according to the appearance can be divided into

Water injection X frame, economical x display stand, telescopic X display stand, all aluminum alloy telescopic X display stand, etc.

Similar display rack series: floor-standing display rack, hanging display rack, special-shaped display rack, aluminum Korean X display rack, new Korean X display rack, luxury water injection X rack and so on.

Similar related promotional portable exhibitions include: poster rack / promotion desk / pull net display rack / display rack / X-shaped display rack, L-shaped display rack, Y-shaped display rack, roll up, data rack, hanging easel, promotional table, exhibition display equipment, etc. . Container racks, standard showcases, various showcases, other POPs for sale, etc.

3, according to the material classification can be divided into

Environmental protection new bamboo X display rack

Ordinary plastic X display rack

Ordinary iron X display rack

Ordinary aluminum X display rack

Among them, the new environmentally-friendly material bamboo X display rack is popular in the advertising equipment industry. The bamboo X display rack combines the natural toughness of the bamboo, the elasticity is good, and it is not easy to be broken. The bamboo X display rack is easy to be disassembled and replaced. Poster with a metal buttonhole.

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