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X display rack features


Characteristics Simple design, convenient transportatio […]

Simple design, convenient transportation, easy storage, simple installation, economical and practical, light and fast advertising and promotional items, weighing less than 1.5KG, can install a complete X display rack in less than one minute, very convenient for X display rack is metal round Core, aluminum alloy joint U-shaped foot, x frame size is 60X160cm/80X180cm 22CC PVC, high-frequency welded aluminum alloy disc plating sleeve, black non-woven packaging bag, weight: 0.5kg or so, light and fast The advertising materials, light weight, can install a complete X display rack in less than a minute, very convenient. The X display rack is the same as the roll-up, and is an advertisement for public places, event gatherings or merchant shops. It is also a display of wedding celebrations. It is compact and easy to carry, detachable, replaceable, and used repeatedly for a long time. Economical X display rack, the screen is screen printing, the whole components, no assembly, adjustable angle bracket, flexible and variable, small size, diverse styles.
The X display rack is easy to be stowed and carried, and can support a large area of the painting surface.
X display racks have been widely used in exhibitions and exhibitions in large stores, shopping malls, supermarkets, exhibitions, companies, job fairs and other places. Used in exhibition advertising, roving exhibitions, commercial promotions, conference presentations.