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X display rack


The X display rack is an exhibition display item with a […]

The X display rack is an exhibition display item with an X-shaped bracket on the back for advertising purposes. X display rack - terminal promotional and promotional tools, display racks, also known as product display racks, promotional racks, portable display and data racks. X display rack is based on the characteristics of the product, designed to match the product promotion display rack, coupled with the creative LOGO signage, so that the product is prominently displayed in front of the public, thereby increasing the role of advertising on the product.


The use of X display racks prevailed in Europe and the United States. The conspicuously beautiful patterns and display racks for display products have been widely used abroad, and are widely used in food and beverage, daily chemicals, home appliances, home, building materials, wine and other industries. Many packaging companies in Europe and America also believe that the production level (display stand, display stand) can enhance the technical level of the enterprise and the sales ability of the enterprise.

In Europe and the United States, display racks (display racks, display stands) are very high value-added products, and there are many users and manufacturers.

The style and materials of the X display rack are more and more, and the price is different. Customers can choose the style and material according to their needs.

Some brand customers have already used display racks (display racks and display racks) as regular promotional items in the system. Whether it is new product launch or holiday promotion, it has achieved good results. It enhances the brand image in the store and creates a festive atmosphere. Sales are very helpful.